Top Flite Sealing Iron


(as of 02/21/2017 at 12:26 UTC)


Get the perfect seals you need for secure seams and professional trims. Before heat-shrinking, use the Sealing Iron to tack covering in place. After heat-shrinking, use it to seal bonds and apply trim. The pointed tip glides into tight corners, with a tapered, non-stick sole that prevents scratching. The adjustable thermostat delivers the right heat for every iron-on covering. Includes a 5-1/2 ft. AC input cord, aluminum safety stand to protect your work area while the tool is at rest and 2-year warranty.

  • Uses 110V AC power source and reaches between 100 to 350┬░F
  • 165 Watts of power
  • Advanced wing design: the specially-designed “wings” allow easy bonding of covering, even on convex corners such as fillets and tail joints.
  • Thermostatically controlled, just dial thermostat to desired setting to maintain even and constant heat. Thermostat has ON/OFF switch.
  • Non-stick coating ensures long-life use and allows iron to glide over covering material without scratching.
  • One piece formed steel handle and shoe jointing plate that will never separate.
  • Lightweight (11oz) and can be used for all heat sealing applications
  • Comfortable wooden handle to relieve stress on your hands

No separate instructions are included. Instructions are printed on outside of box.


  • Used to apply fabric or film onto model airplane kits and other heat sealing applications
  • Specially-shaped non-stick shoe makes covering fast and easy and prevents scratching
  • Precise thermostat temperature control
  • Includes metal stand and 5-1/2 foot power cord.
  • Two-year warranty