Revell 1:48 A10 Warthog


(as of 02/17/2017 at 22:10 UTC)


Made specifically for close air assistance, the Warthog got in solution in 1975. Literally developed around the 30mm GAU-8 Gattling weapon, the A-10 could also lug immense tools tons under its wings and body, including AGM 65 Radical projectiles. A highly survivable airplane, the A-10 has repetitive hydraulic systems supported by hands-on systems; it could make it through straight hits by shield puncturing rounds. It flew 8,100 sorties throughout Desert Storm as well as has actually seen activity in Afghanistan as well as was a crucial combat zone tools system during Procedure Iraqi Freedom. Features: In-depth interior with seatsed pilot as well as boarding ladder, ECM covering, collection bombs, napalm tanks, Radical projectiles and also centerline decrease storage tank, decals included for LET’S ROLL.


  • Highly detailed cabin with boarding ladder and clear canopy
  • Pilot figure with realistic uniform information
  • Waterslide stickers and repaint guidelines for recreating 2 aircrafts
  • 167 plastic parts
  • Illustrated assembly guidelines