8.3″ x 11.75″ LARGE PREMIUM GRADE Fresnel Lens FULL PAGE Magnifier — Fire Starter • Solar Oven • DIY Projection TV PLANS by Cz Garden Supply (1 Pack)

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(as of 02/21/2017 at 12:30 UTC)


Fresnel lenses are most often used in light gathering applications, such as condenser systems or emitter/detector setups. Fresnel lenses can also be used as magnifiers or projection lenses. These lenses are also great for enlarging fine print in books, magazines, maps, telephone directories, recipes, etc. This can really be a great and creative gift to children as a toy and those who need visual aid. This Fresnel lens is also very good for experiments of gathering solar energy. Thanks to its large size, it usually can start a fire within seconds on a normal sunny day. I personally can use it to start melting an aluminum can around 45 seconds under sunshine. Try it your way to boil a bottle of water, start a camp fire, or build a water heat pipe, etc.


  • LARGE A4 Fresnel Lenses – 8.3″ x 11.75″ LARGE FULL Page Magnifier
  • Visual Aid — Great for reading small text, DIY SOLAR COOKING, DIY SOLAR HEATER, and DIY 100″ PROJECTION TV
  • Greenhouse & Garden Use – Identify pests, plant deficiencies, et
  • Only available from Cz Garden Supply (TM), USPTO and Amazon Brand Registry Protected