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Mini Drone SKYKING S-007 RC Toys with Remote Control Quadcopter Technologic 2.4GHz and Gyroscope Tiny UFO Gift for Kids

Product Features:

    " THE WORLD'S SMALLEST DRONE ! " Product Information Product Size: 3x3x2.2cm/(1.18x1.18x0.87 inches)Gift Box: 13x5x11.7cm/(5.12x1.97x4.6 inches)Control distance: 25m/( 82ft)Operation time:5-7minutesCharging time: 18-20minutesCharging mode: Via USB Charging CablePackage Contents1 x SKYKING Drone1 x Controller1 x Manual4 x Spare Propellers1 x USB Cable100% Brand NewImportant Tips Blade A/B should be…
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Product Description


Product Information
Product Size: 3x3x2.2cm/(1.18×1.18×0.87 inches)
Gift Box: 13x5x11.7cm/(5.12×1.97×4.6 inches)
Control distance: 25m/( 82ft)
Operation time:5-7minutes
Charging time: 18-20minutes
Charging mode: Via USB Charging Cable

Package Contents
1 x SKYKING Drone
1 x Controller
1 x Manual
4 x Spare Propellers
1 x USB Cable
100% Brand New

Important Tips
Blade A/B should be installed to marked A/B on body or the quadcopter will not operateproperly.
When place the drone back into the remote, carefully position the propellers according to the shape of the case to avoid possible damage of propellers.

Product Features

  • Portable and Protective:The design with set the drone inside the remote,makes it portable for any situation and give the propeller perfect protection for any time
  • Headless Model:make you easier to manipulate the drone,especially when the drone is in a long distance or out of vision,by setting the headless model to make the drone back simplely
  • Stable and Battery Protectivable:it will bring you with stable performance and a none distrubance flying experience by strong anti-interference effect,and it will remind you with indicators’ signal when its battery voltage is low
  • Two-Throttle Speed Control:you can manipulate the drone well by set the suitble speed model,normally v-1 for beginner and v-2 for advanced
  • Toy for Teenager and Pet for Kids:A good agent for boys and girls to teach and learn each other to manipulate the drone well,or guide your little baby to walk by driving the drone,and even trick your lovely pet to run around it.more fly,more excellent fun