Wednesday , January 16th 2019
    Build and Fly

Buying & Flying Quadcopters

Look in the sky it’s going backward, it’s hovering its go straight up and then down…. What is it? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? aUFO? No… it’s a drone! If you have some knowledge of the Remote Control scene, you most likely know already, because the news about quadco... Read more

Looking for a RC Airplane

When looking for an airplane for sale, there are many facts to consider. It is sweet to have a nice new shiny model when you start looking. When you have not considered looking for a pre-owned model you may find a pleasant plane with a really cheap price or buy more for t... Read more

Electric RC Airplanes

The first practice flight models took to the air in the early 20th century. Progress in the performance of these devices depends on the technology. All flight models must be constructed of light, strong materials to fly properly, and require some form of power to achieve ... Read more

Constructing Flying Scale Models

With proper knowledge and understanding of how an airplane is built as well as how it is operated, it is possible constructing and flying scale models of airplanes. This entails the building of an airplane with an overall common reduction in size. It is of significance to... Read more