PT-19 – Report 24 – Stripping Stringers

Fairchild PT-19 Military Trainer
August 19, 2012

 The stringer size used on the PT-19 is 1/16” X 3/32”. Our local model shop only stocks standard the sizes (1/16” X 1/16”), (1/16” X 1/8”) and (1/16” X 1/4”), so I bought five pieces of 1/16” X 1/8” yesterday thinking that I would just cut the bulkhead stringer notches deeper. After I got home, I was kind of amazed at how much more wood there was in the larger stringer size. It occurred to me that sometime back early in 2006 I bought a home made balsa stripper shown below from Dan McLeod. This stripper number was #31 and dated 12/05, which I presume is December 2005. As you can see, this stripper is made with precision and nothing less than a work of art, but I have never used it before.So I got it out and carefully adjusted it for stripping 3/32” wide wood. The I fed a 36” long piece of the 1/16” X 1/8” strip through as shown below.In this close up, you can see how consistently the stripper took off 1/32” of the outside edge.The 1/8” wide strip was very accurately reduced to a 3/32” width down its entire 36” length. Dan McLeod has designed and made a super accurate balsa stripper, which I will continue to use from now on………………………..Tandy

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