U-Control Models

When I was a young boy somewhere around the age of eight (1942)living in Cheyenne, Wyoming, my dad took me into a model shop there and we picked out a Baby V Shark kit. Over time dad and I put the model together as best we could. Since we had no gas motor, dad rigged up a rubber band to a prop that he carved. Ihave no picture of the model, but the Baby V Shark looked like this.

Baby V Shark

 Later on, dad bought me my first gas motor while we were living in Capitol Hill in south Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It was a Rocket 46 shown below.

Rocket 46 We bought a U-Control kit manufactured by Johnny Casburn in Fort Worth, Texas. It was called the “Baby Miss Behave”, which is shown below. We put the Rocket 46 in the model, but of course it was way too large for the this model.So later on, dad bought us a Rogers .29 to go in the model shown below, but we never did get the Rogers to run.

Baby Miss Behave

1949 Billings, Montana
Veco “Humped Back ” Warrior

1950 Elk City, Oklahoma
Veco “Humped Back ” Warrior

K&B Veco .29 Powered Warrior

1950 Elk City, Oklahoma
Veco Chief

K&B Veco .31 Powered Chief

1950 Elk City, Oklahoma
Hawker Typhoon

1950 Elk City Oklahoma
Wood Chopper & Speed Wagon

Elk City Contest1950 Ada, Oklahoma
Eddy Joe Rutledge and James Lollar With their Sportwings

1950 Elk City, Oklahoma
Pete Peetom with Sportwing & Tandy with His Own Design

Alfredo Herbon’s Brother
 Nuno Herbond’s Herpact