Free Flight Power Models

Paul Gilliam’s Launch of his Civy Boy 84
1953 Gene Wallock’s Civy Boy 66

Paul Gilliam named his design “Civy Boy” because he had gotten out of the Army. He took this picture at Mile Square in 1953. Gene Wallock holding his Civy Boy 66 powered with a 3 bolt Torp 32 on a B&B Timer Tank. Denny Davis holding his 54″ Dooling 29 powered “Ultra Hogan“. Danny Lutz setting at the table. The name of the Berkley model “Sandy Hogan” was created from two sources. “Sandy” came from San Diego where Denny lived and “Hogan” came from an American Indian Dwelling.

Bruce Augustus’ Ram Rod 750

Steve Bruno’s T-Bird

 Larry Davidon’s Hayseed

1952 Tandy Walker’s PAA Load Liftbar 36

Larry Davidson’s Civy Boy 66

Tandy Walker’s T-Bird 500

Mike Fedor and Three of his free Flights

Larry Davidson’s Wife (Elaine) holds his Brooklyn Dodger 1961 Bob Beecroft’s Satan

Mike Fedor’s Coupe

Tandy Walker’s Fubar 65

Larry Davidson’s Asender

Bob Beecroft’s Lucky Lindy


1949 Ray Matthews’ Launches Class C Fubar

Steve Bruno’s Satellite

Mike Fedor’s 1/2A ROW

Larry Davidson’s Foote Westerner 1952 Tandy Walker’s First Fubar 65

Rocketeer A Super Rocketeer

Tandy Walker’s Fubar 57X

Steve Bruno’s T-Bird 710

Ed Lamb’s Banshee 1953 Harold Thompson’s First Fubar 600X 

Bill Vanderbeek’s Segway

Tandy Walker’s Fleet of Fubar X’s

Speed Cream Tandy Walker’s Fubar 43X